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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Beauty into ashes

In the movie "South Pacific", Nellie, the eternal optimist, stands on the hillside plantation of Emille's and declares, "Gosh, it's beautiful here! All those white puffy clouds....." Emille brings her down to earth by saying, " or they could well be gunfire."

This exchange presented itself as I was wondering where the world was headed. I am not much of an optimist I will admit. There is too much man induced devistation taking place on our planet. We are literally turning beauty into ashes, perfection into waste. In a few short years of history we almost destroyed our own livelihood.

I am a creationist. I simply cannot believe that humans with such highly functioning brains and a totally balanced earth could have evolved from nothing. I believe there is a higher design. I believe the architech to be God, either he or she.

Nevertheless, we have taken something meticulous and are in the process of it's destruction. This is worse than sad. It is deadly. What will my grandchildren face? Or even my children for that matter.

Anyone that watches the news knows about global warming and it's effects. Also, we see the devouring race for world power. There is unsatiable greed that could possibly be the fuel that drives all of it.

I have been made to feel totally helpless in the face of terroristic actions. What control do I have over corporate (and personal) polution? Especially when it is being condoned by what we call a "democracy". I prefer the term capitalism as being more accurate.

Why are the powers that be wasting time condoning or poo-pooing breast implants? Women know the risks when the have it done. This is a personal decision and they need to be prepared to live with the results. Social Security is important. Nothing put talk (as a pacifier) has been done. Sure numbers and dates have been published. How could anyone feel that stats are always accurate? Numbers can be adjusted to reflect anything.

All of these things really trickle down to personal responsibility. Someone has
to take the fall whether he is guilty or not. That includes me. I have done (and still do) my part in the ruin, but I can control what I do. This may not be much in the grand scheme, but the more people I can influence the more manpower there is to build a dam to cut off the raging tide of "progress".

Will this be enough? Maybe not, but I will have done all I can do. If nothing else, I will honestly be able to say that I cared and more importantly, I tried.


  • At 6:34 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    Right on sister!
    We're on the same side of the fence.


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