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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I often wonder why it took me so long to get wise. When I was a child, wisdom sprouted wings and flew right over my head. As a young adult, I already had as much as I needed! I didn't really have time when I was in the phase of raising kids and working. Now I have no such excuse to fall back on. I now realize that there are actually choices and that I can make up my own mind. I don't have to always follow the rules. I can wear purple!

I have heard the joke as to what's the difference between "crazy" and "eccentric". The answer was money. I totally disagree. I have won the right to be eccentric. In fact, I owe it to myself. If I want, I can wear sandals and socks. I can cut my own hair, I can "not" shop.

I am pretty much past worrying about what people think. I would much rather people would take me as I am. I am learning to see through the sometimes thick veneer of people that I don't even like! I need to get past outside appearances and have empathy with people just as I would like for them to do for me. Makes for a kinder world.

I no longer argue religion because I see good and bad in them all. But, as a rule, I feel that people believe what they hold as true. Who am I?! Deep down we all want the same things. To love and be loved. To be accepted and respected. I never really did argue about politics. Good way to lose friends and influence people!

So today, I can go out in my microscopic garden in my purple hat and pet my tomatoes and talk to my roses. I can sing out loud (as long as my neighbors don't complain). I can bake bread and make my own soap if I wish. I don't have to prove anything nor be sorry for who I am.

Ok, maybe it sounds like I am trying to convince myself a bit? True. My mind embraces all of these thoughts, but sometimes they play out a bit different, to be honest. But I do take more time to think about the important things, like petting the dog just because she is so sweet. A secret.......sometimes I take 2 naps a day!


  • At 12:42 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    There is much wisdom in these words and I love the mature self-confidence in your observations here.
    Of course I'm just another crazy/eccentric seeking a kinder gentler world.
    But when I'm out there on all fours, talking to my native plants with a smile on my face, I'll think of you sometimes there in your purple hat :~)

  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger Cypressfern said…

    lol, I ain't mature, I am just getting old!

  • At 5:03 AM, Blogger whollyman said…

    So. . . sandals with socks is not cool? Oh oh. I do that all the time when it isn't warm enought o wear sandals without socks.


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