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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I will have to move the cheese

We have had a tiny houseguest for a while, whom I will call Minnie. I hear her late at night when she thinks we are asleep, sneaking around trying to find the cheese!

I don't actually leave food out for the little bugger, but I am loathe to set a trap and I won't use poison. Yes, I know that the are nasty. I will have to find her entrance hole and plug it with steel wool to keep her out. I am in the process of looking now.

The other night she went on her scouting trip early. Her turf is under the dishwasher and the kitchen sink. She certainly was making no bones about trying to be quiet. I lightly stepped over and slowly opened the cabinet door and couldn't help laughing. She had found a piece of pizza crust that had missed the trash can and was furiously trying to get it back through the cut out for the diswasher hose. The problem was that the piece was turned sideways and was holding just like a toggle bolt. She was so busy that she didn't even know I was there. And like a cat hiding under a bed with her tail hanging out, she thought she was hid because she couldn't see me! I let her be and in the morning the crust was gone.

This made me wonder if, in my secrecy and haste, I had been as obvious as she at times. We all do things when we think no one is looking. Things we probably shouldn't. Like taking the last piece of cheese and swearing the mouse ate it.


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