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Monday, May 02, 2005

Simplicity Revisited

Why is it that by the time you have figured out the game that they change the rules? Now, I know that simple living doesn't change nearly as much as does life in the fast lane. Wait, maybe it really isn't "them", just maybe it's me.

Since embracing the simple life, I have been planning and plotting my approach. Lists, ideas, lists of lists and lists of ideas................. I have filled pages with ways to simplify life. I have arranged and rearranged. Grandious plans for solar living, recycling, eating well have made their way to paper. So what have I accomplished so far? I have this tangled web of ideas on paper and in my mind. As usual, I have gone overboard trying to get it right.

So, this leads me to believe that simplicity is definately a state of mind. What is the new news? Today's headlines: " Middle-aged Woman Finally Gets a Clue "
Somewhere in the deep south, a woman claims to be an expert when it comes to living the simple life. Yada, yada..............

Ok, moving on from the comics section.........Where on earth did I get the idea that I was simplifying my life? I know that simple doesn't equal easy, but why make it harder that it really is? Instead of searching for perfectly simple recipe, why not toss the cookbooks?Why should I keep searching for the easiest way to clean it, if I can just get rid of it? I could keep shuffling money from budget category to category, or, I could just not spend it. Revolutionary ideas, one and all, right? Well, maybe they are for me.

Hmmmm........ I think I will go alphabetize and file my lists............OMG, wait! I have a shredder!!!!


  • At 5:23 AM, Blogger jjlluucc said…

    You've just described my favorite method of living simply...have less stuff! I'm forever trying to convince others that instead of trying to organize their overabundance of stuff, to just get rid of it, but they think that's too extreme. I look at their homes and think that THEY are the extremists. They admire my organization... it's easy to organize when you have less stuff! Paper clutter is a non-issue when you have a shredder and aren't afraid to use it.

  • At 2:03 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    Me too!
    Do you know how many times I've given most everything away and watched it re-accumulate before my eyes? More than several times I can tell you!
    Simplification seems to have a steep learning curve for citizens raised on Western consumerism, even those of us seriously trying to find our way out of it. If we buy a book about simplifying our lives we just have one more book cluttering my home one more expense. How about just burning the paper clutter in a fireplace (or around a campfire), which eliminates the need for that shredder gadget?


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