Simple Musings

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Making a house a home

I have lived in 25 houses in my lifetime and that doesn't count traipsing around the country with a travel trailer in tow. That comes up to a move about every 2 years. Of course, it didn't happen quite that way, but close.

My body and soul are just plain tired. It is time to settle down and call it quits. So what exactly makes a house a home? Maybe I just don't know because I have never stayed in one that long! But it is time to find out.

I have always had this picture in my mind as to what my "dream home" would be like. A quirky cottage with stone floors and arched doors and windows. Flowers everywhere. Hidden paths and a small fish pool.

Well so much for dreams. We have come full circle to a home that my brother and I inherited from my father. So, as long as I can pay the taxes, I have a home. Problem is that this is not the home I had invisioned. Plain brick, bare, brown on a city lot with some questionable neighbors. The inside is definately not something I would have designed. No wait! I did design it. (forgot about that) But it was designed for someone besides me.

Ok, I know I sound whiny and totally ungrateful. Whiny I am, but not ungrateful. I am very grateful. By not having a mortgage, I have the luxury of not working at the present time. I have all of the time in the world to make my house into a home, so why am I not doing it? Maybe I just don't know how to settle down. Or maybe I am afraid that I will decide to pull up roots again. Someone shoot me if I even look at another house with a gleam in my eye!

I also feel like I am in a holding pattern. With Gramps living with us, I don't want to do any big altering to the house. After all, this house was originally built for them even though they never lived in it until Gramps had to come and stay with us because he is now unable to take care of himself without Granny. Also, remodeling costs money. So at this point we have to just wait and do maintenance as needed. It is hard for me to put my stamp on anything until I can change it to suit myself. I will admit that I am spoiled. In a previous life (marriage) my husband was a builder/whatever was needed type of guy, so I could eventually have things remodeled. So now I learn patience. I hope I learn it soon.

Maybe I will go and hang a picture and plump some pillows and try to figure out just why I can't be satisfied.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Baby Stuff

This morning as I sat out on the terrace (ok, so it is a carport, but dreams are cheap) I watched the morning parade of birds as they took turns at the bird bath. We have blue birds, robins, blue jays, mocking birds, blackbirds, red finches, a pair of doves and a lone woodpecker. I noticed that a robin was hopping around and onto low perches not far from the ground. I figured out why when I saw the baby bird under a bush not far away. Mama was trying desperately to get it to fly out of harm's way. The wee baby had no tail feathers so I estimated that is was quite young, and sure enough, it could only get a few inches from the ground. I suppose it will become a delectable meal for the neighbor's cat. I know that this is the natural order of things, but babies are so sweet, innocent and helpless. Teary situation.

Our other babies are coming along quite well, though. The little garden that could! I get totally mushy when discussing my small tomatoes, teeny cucumbers and mini squash. I admit it. There is definately something about producing something with one's own hands that brings out those maternal feelings. We talk to them, caress them...........oh well, this is starting to get out of hand........Did I mention the itty-bitty watermelon?

I was able to pull enough carrots for supper tonight. Other than using dill for potato salad, this will be our first garden meal. Maybe I will use the good china and light some candles?

My moss rose began to bloom a couple of days ago. I have been nursing those babies for 2 months now. They are slow to start, but so worth it. They will liven up the front porch until frost gets them. My kind of flower.