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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Is late really better than never?

It has really been awhile.........hmmmm....... what has been going on?

I have been dealing with a lot of "stuff". I really wanted to use a stronger word, but don't need to get into the habit. My daughter got married and moved half a continent away. My other one lives half a continent away in the other direction. This is all pretty new and more disturbing than I thought it would be. But, looking on the bright side, at least we have somewhere to vacation!

My mother even moved a couple of hours away. I am beginning to get a complex.

Also on the home front: As of tommorrow we will finally start remodeling our house. Exciting, but disruptive. Nothing big, really. Changing a bathroom door so that Gramps will have his own space and stay out of ours! Now that sounds really ugly, but old men can do really ugly stuff. Enough said about that. And I am getting an honest-to-goodness pantry! Stuff dreams are made of, right? And we will have a door installed from the main bath directly into our bedroom. Ahhh privacy............. I get new tile countertops and vinyl in the kitchen, too. A new "fancy" front door and storm door. How much can one person enjoy?

In a few weeks we will trek to the coast with our daughter's furniture and others valuable stuff. Hmm.... seem to need a new word to replace "stuff". Brother will stay with Gramps for the duration. This will be an eye-opening experience for him, lol. Well, for both of them.

Enough for now. I need to go plot my new pantry space...........


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