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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gotter done

We called our favorite carpenter and he came within a few days. That is definately worth writing home about! He and 2 helpers cheerfully worked for 3 1/2 days making our house seem more like our home. It seems that they were always running, not walking.

Our carpenter is from Hondurus and his helpers are from Mexico. So you can imagine all of the chatter, lol. Since I don't understand Spanish I can only hope that they were staying "work related " ! I found out very quickly that men are men and women, well, let's just stick with men are men. Not that I had to walk 10 paces behind, but everything had to be approved for them by hubby dear. The funny part is that I am a designer (sabbatical) and planned everything out and honestly know a lot more about this type of thing. Heck, hubby is totally comfortable sitting on a bulldozer and leaving it to me. I think I saw some faintly elevated eyebrows when I whipped out the checkbook, but they were smart enough to graciously accept!

The last few days have been trying, to say the least. We have lost the use of one of our bathrooms until the flooring is down in order to set the toilet back in place. This is always interesting since we have Gramps and he is more than a bit unpredictable (or accurate, for that matter). But we have to wait another week for this. Gracie the poodle is just worn out from guarding the castle. I am hoarse from telling her to get up on the couch and shutup! Thankfully she is passed out asleep now. Hubby is just plain tired from "go-fering"!

Now I remember how dirty construction can be. I will have to dust down the ceiling, walls, all flat surfaces, well let's just say everything and call it good. Drywall dust is everywhere but I think most of it is under my eyelids! And no, I don't need to have my roots done, thanks, that is just dust.........

So next week, I will have to get it all clean so that I can begin painting. This should make a really good winter project and I certainly can foresee it taking that long, too.

Of course it has cost about twice what we had planned, but still it is worth the pain to have a new pantry and guest bath (these were both frugally fashioned out of a utility room that already had a sink and toilet). All we needed was a wall to conquer and divide and a few door units. Poor Gramps. He knew that the new small bathroom was for him, but he thought that the pantry was his new bedroom! I assured him that he wasn't a vegetable yet. (just kidding)

Remodeling certainly is a good opportunity for decluttering. In fact, it is mandatory. I certainly don't want all of that crap in my new surroundings! I don't really feel bad about getting rid of stuff, after all, it is really old, and so dusty........


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